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Design a TM(Turing Machine) , L={a^nb^n | n>=1}

Design View:

By JFLAP Software

Concept : 

Case1: XaaYbb

Case 1:
Read first 'a' and replace it by 'X'
Then read first 'b' and replace it as 'Y'

What i am doing is .....Meaning of a^n b^n is " Equal no: of a's must followed by equal no: of b's "
In Case 1 : I read first 'a' and First 'b'.

Before reading Second 'b'....Should read Second 'a' ....

Then continue the steps.....Finally 'B' reads....Machine will stop...

Transitions concept will continue ......


  1. please tell me the turing machine for a^n+1 b^n

    1. make one state before q0(start state). and that state transited to q0 with a, B, R.
      is it problem solve or not?

    2. plz turing machine for a^nb^n+1

  2. V helpful .Thanks alot

  3. thank you MR.ARUN ANOOP ou are real gentleman.



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